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Manufacturing Overview

Nistec is a leader in the delivery of innovative electronics manufacturing services (EMS). With its 900 skilled employees, Nistec turn the dream into reality for a broad range of companies with regard to communication, medical, military, security, industrial, automotive and more.

We support high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few prototypes, to hundreds for pre-production, to thousands for mass production. Our assembly services are complemented by front-end testing and system assembly capabilities, delivering a complete electronic product to the designated end user.

Nistec also provides client-driven procurement services – all while managing tight delivery deadlines and optimizing supply chain performance.

As a leader EMS company in Israel, Nistec is able to tightly couple manufacturing, logistics and supply chain management processes. Thus, design, assembly and product distribution is completed more quickly, at a lower cost, and without compromising our high standards of quality.

Nistec Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Printed circuit board fabrication (Eltek, a Nistec company)
  • Printed circuit board assembly and testing
  • Analysis of external designs for manufacturability and testability
  • Pre-production and volume production
  • Systems assembly and testing
  • Complex systems integration
  • Direct shipment to the end user

PCB Assembly

Nistec provides complete manufacturing solutions to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Considered the leader in technological know-how in the field of electronic assembly, Nistec provides. high and low-mix PCB assembly for volumes that range from just a few prototype units, to modest quantities for pre-production, to hundreds of thousands in mass production.

Manufacturing equipment has been carefully selected and optimally deployed to meet prototype, new product introduction (NPI), low volume and high volume requirements.

With three plants encompassing Israel, Nistec can provide complete manufacturing solutions to satisfy the most demanding customer.Advanced manufacturing and production systems at Nistec ensure rapid delivery, while a capable team of experienced engineers provides complex technological solutions and customer consulting.

PCB Assembly Capabilities

  • 0201s
  • Micro BGA/QFN
  • COB
  • CSPs
  • MEMs/MCMs
  • BGA reballing and rework
  • Double-sided, mirrored BGA assembly
  • Fine pitch, high pin count press fit connectors
  • Flip chip
  • RoHS Compliant

PCB Fabrication

Eltek, A Nistec Company, provides a full range of Printed Circuit Board Technologies for the High Reliability Market; specifically in the Defense, Aerospace and Medical sectors. Eltek’s products are used globally as the core technology in some of the world’s most demanding applications.

Known as one of the world’s top manufacturers of High Density Flex-Rigid; Eltek is called upon regularly as one of the industries leaders to solve complex design issues. With volume capability from quick-turn prototypes to high-mix complex production runs; Eltek can serve most of the needs of its customers within its main factory location in Petach Tikva, Israel. Having multiple Sales & Engineering offices located around the world, has helped Eltek provide the needed service and support to its customers in over 27 countries across the globe.

Eltek’s primary areas of technical competencies relating to Printed Circuit Board technologies currently include:


  • 75/75 line/space – ultra high density
  • Sequential build-up (blind, buried, mixed materials)
  • Special technologies such as Bookbinder, silver shielding, buried substrates, etc…

Thermal Dissipation & CTE

  • Heat sink applications (internal & external)
  • Heavy copper construction including selective coin insertion
  • Specialized laminate utilization


  • Sequential buildup 4+N+4
  • Blind, buried, staggered & stacked
  • Via fill, POVIP, Micro via fill

RF & Microwave  

  • Full PTFE™ multilayer buildups
  • Mixed material (PTFE, FR4, Polyimides) including Rigid & Rigidflex
  • Specialized technologies including cavity, isolation, precision geometries & finishes.


The objective of supply chain management is to synchronize the requirements of our customers with the flow of materials from suppliers, in order to achieve high customer service, low inventory and low unit cost.

Through our interconnected supply chain systems, Nistec obtains world-class pricing, supply flexibility and reduced inventory risk. Our purchasing teams collaborate, in accordance with component engineering capabilities, to get the materials we need, when we need them. We continuously benchmark the market – staying on top of prices, lead times, parts availability and technology trends – to maximize the impact of working capital.

Nistec procurement services include:

  • Supply chain management
  • BOM/AVL analysis
  • Component engineering prompt response to short delivery times, due to special agreements with vendors
  • Quarterly cost reduction review
  • Specialization in low-volume, high-mix purchasing


Competitive companies need agility and flexibility to respond quickly to rapidly changing technologies and customer needs. Partnering with an expert in new product introduction (NPI) is therefore essential.

As a leading EMS provider, Nistec draws on a wealth of experience in design, manufacturing, engineering and supply chain management to drive value for our customers in the NPI phase. We apply NPI processes to help you improve product manufacturability and speed your transition to volume production.

Our team supports the prototype needs of corporations, government, educational institutions, makers and start-ups. In short, if you need electronics assembly faster than found in traditional outsourced PCBA assembly business models, we have a streamlined, fast solution.

Our prototype and short run PCBA assembly services include:

  • single board or a few thousand
  • Turn-times as quick as 24 hours from when we get your parts and files
  • No NRE or long-term commitments required
  • Multiple pricing options:
    • Full-Proto service: When speed is what you need
    • Short-Run service: When you need lower cost with quality and convenience

Green Manufacturing

In light of environmental awareness, the use of environmentally friendly substances in the production process and management liability, Nistec operations are fully compatible with environmental protection, natural energy conservation and air pollution prevention.

We are committed to European standards – such as RoHS 2002/95/EC (Restriction on use of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE 2002/96/EC (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) – and invest a great many resources in adherence.

We have created a “green manufacturing directorate” in Nistec that coordinates professional and technological know-how on the subject. The directorate oversees the implementation of green manufacturing in all of the company’s departments and advises Nistec customers in transition to the new standards.

Nistec is the industry leader in helping electronics companies comply with emerging environmental legislation. We have guided our customers through rapid and cost-effective compliance with legislative initiatives aimed at the protection of human health and the environmentally sound recovery and disposal of electronic equipment.

Our team has intelligent answers and flexible solutions that will help you educate your team, understand changes in the supply of components and overcome the challenges of Green Design & Manufacturing.


The Test Engineering team at Nistec recognizes the need for a final product free of the costs of ongoing maintenance. With extensive experience across a variety of test disciplines – including communications, RF, medical, aerospace and consumer – our experienced engineers and technicians take pride in working closely with our customers from the earliest stages of design, recommending and implementing appropriate testing strategies.

Nistec’s innovative and dedicated test engineers provide rapid, flexible and cost-effective testing services. Our robust test development team considers all aspects of testing, including:

  • Turnkey automated functional test development
  • System and configuration test development
  • Structural test development (optical, X-ray and in-circuit)
  • Flying probe PC boundary scan
  • Design for test (DFT), design for diagnostics
  • Product test strategy development
  • Advanced AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) inspection
  • X-ray Inspection and failure analysis

Systems Assembly

When it comes to systems integration, the essentials remain the same: flexibility, responsiveness, outstanding quality, and reduced cost. Therefore, you need a solid electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner with the experience, systems, infrastructure and flexibility to scale production to meet your customer demand levels.

Nistec provides full electronics product integration, from small- to mid-range to large infrastructures and capital equipment. A partnership with Nistec allows you to raise product quality while lowering overall costs.

Nistec will also interface with external systems to deliver fully assembled products directly to a designated end customer, including appropriate labels, manuals, packaging and any other unique requirements.

As your EMS company of choice, we deliver the technology, expertise, quality and dedication your brand deserves.

Nistec Systems Assembly services include:

  • Design and engineering support
  • PCB and PCB assembly
  • Build-to-order (BTO)
  • Configure-to-order (CTO)
  • Backplane assembly
  • Memory and optical modules
  • Cable and harness assembly
  • Integration of hardware and software

After-Market Services (RMA)

Nistec provides a closed-loop support model in which our OEM customers gain the greatest return for their investment. Repair and logistics functions are integrated to optimize efficiency.

Our after-market services RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) keep you connected to your customers after they purchase your products. Our approach to after-market service spans all elements of reverse logistics. This includes returns, repair, remanufacturing, refurbishment, rekitting, recovery and even recycling.

Clients testimonials

This is what our clients say about us

“Like always you did a great job in our project!”
Chen A. January 16, 2013

“The circuits are assembled and are in working excellent! Thank you for all the efforts that you invested!”
Or S. July 26, 2015

“You helped us to contend quickly with an urgent project. Thanks to you to we have succeeded in the task.”
Liav S. May 21, 2015

“Thank you very much for the caring and professional investment and the attention to the small details.”
Gil C.  July 16, 2015