Technology Road Map

Road Map Flex-Rigid Boards

Technology Road Map Flex-Rigid Boards

Electrical Test up to 1K Volt

 Product Feature Standard  SOA Future
Inner Flex Layer line/space2.5/2.5 mil2/21.5/2
 Rigid Inner Layer line/space2.5/2.5 mil2/21.5/2
 Rigid Outer Layer line/space  3/3 mil2.5/2.5  2/2
 Min. Dielectric Thickness of Flex Layer0.001”0.5 mil0.5 mil
 Min.Base Copper Thickness Flex Layer9 µ5 µ5 µ
Layer Count Multiflex101212
Layer Count Flex-Rigid283234
 Min. Via Hole Size Mechanical Drilled  0.006″  0.006″  0.005″
 Min. Microvia Laser Drilled Flex Layer  0.003″  0.003″  0.002″
 Coverlay +  Adhesive  1 mil  1 mil  1 mil
 Coverlay PhoimageableNo No Yes
Silver ShieldingYesYesYes