High-End PCB

Special Solutions


  • Internal and external heat sinks, 3D heatsink, copper-Invar-copper, heavy copper inner layer, etc.
  • 16-layer polyimide PCB with heavy copper ground layers (12oz) for extrathermal dissipation. The heavy copper ground layers  are exposed at the edge of the PCB for attachment to cold plate assemblies. The 12oz. copper acts as both heatsink and  active layers within the PCB.
  • Two 12-layer boards, laminated with copper-nickel.  Heat-sink between them. Each 12-layer board has blind/burried vias.  Application: Avionics.
  • 16-layer rigid polyimide PCB with 0.4 mm copper ground and VCC layers. Application: Electro-optic.
  • 12-layer polyimide board with 3-dimensional external aluminium heat sink.

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"I like to thank Nistec team for the Vermentino layout.
You are all part of the great success!"

Tziony N.
March 6, 2014

"On behalf of our company, I wish to thank you and all the team for the wonderful work you do for us in general and during last month in particular. "
Asaf C.
January 2, 2014

"Their GREAT work, cooperation, commitment and loyalty to bring the G.hn project in super fast delivery."
Guy H.
July 17, 2013

"It was a pleasure, the service, the quality and the highest level skill was wonderful."
Thomas F.
November 12, 2014