Eltek USA Inc

Eltek USA Inc is the US subsidiary of Eltek Ltd. Our office is located in the Northeastern part of the United States (New England) We are the Sales, Engineering and Customer Service Arm in North America. We Operate as an independent business unit (US Fed Tax ID) and are fully autonomous.

We are fully compliant with all State and Federal regulations as a business unit; we meet the required ITAR Registration and Licensing Guidelines. All Applicable information; RFQ’s, questions, purchase orders and data must be sent through this office. All requests are responded to within 24 hours from this location.


Eltek USA, Inc.

250 Commercial Street
Suite 3010, Manchester, NH 03101

Tel: +1 603 421 0020

Contact Information For The US Staff

Richard A. Smith,
Vice President of Sales West Coast USA

Office:  951-926-5499
Mobile: 951-833-4763

Joel Robbins,
Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer
Empowered Official

Mobile: 770-570-7555

Janice Hock,
Customer Service Manager

Direct:   603-965-4321
Mobile: 603-785-3901

You are invited to visit us anytime

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