Technology Road Map

Road Map Rigid Boards

Technology Road Map  Rigid Boards 

  Product Feature   Standard   SOA   Future
  Inner Layer Line/space 2.5/2.5 mil 2/2 1.5/2
  Outer Layer Line/space 3/3 mil 2.5/2.5 2/2
  Layer Count   40   40   40
  Min. Drilled Via-Mechanical 6 mil   6 mil   6 mil
  Min.Diameter Laser Drilled Microvia   3 mil   3 mil   2 mil
  Aspect Ratio Via Hole 01:12   01:14   01:16
  Aspect Ratio Blind Microvia   1:0.8   1:1   1:1.5
  Min. Dielectric
Thickness Core
  0.002”  0.002”  0.001”
  Min. Via Hole Pad   0.016”   0.014”   0.014”
  Min. Microvia / Capture
Target Land Size
0.010” 0.008” 0.008”
  Solder Clearance Mask  0.0015”   0.001”  0.001”
  Surface Finishes  ENIG; ENEPIG; imm AG; Imm Sn; HASL; Immersion Tin; Immersion Silver;
  Burried Passives   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Impedance Tolerance   ±5%   ±5%   ±5%
  Via in Pad Technology Fill + Plate   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Microvia / Blind Via Fill   Yes   Yes   Yes

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