Investor Info

Corporate Profile

  • A leading manufacturer of PCBs (printed circuitry boards) for advanced electronics applications used by companies in Aerospace, Defense, Telecommunications and Medical equipment.
  • 45-year-old company boasts long list of blue-chip clients.
  • Strong brand recognition. Products known for its high quality and reliability.
  • Uniquely specializes in customizing quick-turnaround prototype pre-production items produced in low to medium volumes for high-growth advanced electronic applications.
  • Companyâs expansion of High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology places it in the front rank of the PCB business, boosts sales and margins.
  • Company aggressively expanding international distribution force, with focus on US andWestern Europe.
  • Company operates in the most complex segment of the PCB market, which presents high barriers to entry. While telecommunications market is currently in a slump, the aerospace, military and medical equipment segments have not been hurt and can be expected to grow.