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Market Overview

Nistec, a leader in the field of electronics manufacturing, serves more than 300 customers in diverse markets, such as the communications, medical, defense, aerospace and automotive sectors.

Our suite of solutions spans the entire product lifecycle – from design, manufacturing and systems integration, through order fulfillment and after-market services.

Nistec is a trusted partner to leading electronics and technology companies across a wide variety of industries.


When it comes to the communications industry, Nistec has the answers. We specialize in design and manufacture of carrier- and enterprise-class communications equipment, wireless, optical networking, wireline transmission and enterprise networking. Nistec services range from the complex assembly of high-speed optical products to comprehensive test development and radio frequency design.

Our team enables communications companies to focus in-house resources on their core business and let us handle the rest.

From concept to volume production, Nistec works closely with customers to maintain a focus on product excellence and supply quality.


Too much demand should be a good thing − Nistec is ready, willing, and able to help you capture it.
The semiconductors market is highly competitive. Speed-to-market, high quality, low cost and the ability to continually meet demand are key to the success of your products in the marketplace – and to your customers’ loyalty.
We help semiconductor companies stay ahead in a dynamic world. With an agile and adaptive team of the industry’s lead­ing technology and manufacturing experts, we proactively anticipate and respond to sudden changes and pricing pressures by providing innovative, high-quality products and cost reductions throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Defense and Aerospace

Creating a safer world is the number one objective around the globe, and Nistec is proud to play a vital part. We understand that quality, reliability and cost are critical to your success.
Our mission is to enhance the competitive performance of aerospace and defense companies through a broad range of technology and manufacturing services. These services include the design, engineering, manufacture and support of high-reliability electronics systems that provide operational control, monitoring, communications, and information superiority in rigorous commercial aerospace and military environments.
We bring competitive advantage to aerospace and defense customers by improving time-to-market, scalability and manufacturing efficiency. We are leaders in quality, technology, supply chain management and lean manufacturing principles.
At Nistec, we work hard to improve reliability and quality, meet cost-reduction goals and extend the lifespan of new and existing products.
We have manufactured and tested high-reliability products and systems in support of commercial and military aviation, and defense operations.
Nistec is certified as an approved vendor to the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).


Whether it’s pulse oximetry or hemoglobin monitoring, Nistec manufactures and delivers medical products for OEMs that help people live longer and healthier lives.
Nistec medical manufacturing capabilities meet and even surpass the most stringent standards that regulatory bodies mandate. Quality and reliability is critical in this field, and Nistec is structured to support the high-mix, low-volume needs specific to the industry.
Nistec is certified to comply with ISO 13485:2003 – for full turn-key subcontracting for assembly and integration of printed circuit boards into commercial and medical products.


Nistec has provided the highest quality products and services for the automotive industry.
Nistec’s automotive branch is focused on a truly dedicated, “end-to-end solution” approach for the global automotive market.
In today’s automotive business environment, operational challenges have become increasingly more complex. To address these challenges, our dedicated automotive team is committed to creating and managing high-quality automotive supply chains, and delivering competitive results to customers.

Clients testimonials

This is what our clients say about us

Over and above the professional, efficient and speedy work,
I must mention that on the day that I spent at your company during the assembly of the circuit I felt a real sense of family.”

Alon C. June 18, 2015

I was very happy to meet your courteous driver who delivered the merchandise exactly at the time promised.”
Irina K. February 12, 2013

“We were very impressed by your ability, experience and willingness.”
Itzik L. April 30, 2015

This is quality. Well done for the extensive information in the reports. I had no doubts regarding your ability.”
Manor L. May 21, 2015

“Thank you very much for the fast and efficient service. We will definitely be pleased to work with you in the future.”
Nir P. May 21, 2015