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As a leader in the field of electronics design & manufacturing Nistec actively and proudly provides a variety of resources to the electronic industry, in an effort to inform our clients, partners and colleagues of the latest technology issues and topics affecting the PCB design and manufacturing profession.

The Nistec Resource Center is designed to help you identify best practices for designing and manufacturing electronic products.

Our White Papers, published in leading technical journals, are known for their simplicity and usefulness.


PCB Design Issues


PDFF  Size Does Matter | By Arbel Nissan (Published at PCD&F Magazine, Feb 2015)
Creative Technological Solutions for Complex PCBs | By Arbel Nissan  (Published at PCD&F Magazine, May 2012)

PDFF  Key Rules for Design for Excellence |  By Arbel Nissan (Published at PCD&F Magazine, Feb 2015)
  Decoupling Capacitors Design  | By Evgeny Mechlin

PDFF  Escape/Routing Patterns for 0.5mm (and below) pitch BGA  | By Arbel Nissan
PDFF  How to achieve Faster Time-to-Market in PCB Design  | By Arbel Nissan
Efficient Improve In Allegro PCB Editor Layout Time to Market by Using Custom Skill Utility Programs
| By Shimon Beniaminovich (Presented at Cadenceconference, CDNLive 2007)

PDFF  Improve PCB Layout with Skill Utility Programs  | By Arbel Nissan  (Published at PCD&F Magazine, May 2008)
Tips to Improve Manufacturability  | By Arbel Nissan (Published at PCD&F Magazine, November 2008)




 Lead Free (RoHS) Issues:


PDFF  Lead Free and Sub-Contractor  | By Arbel Nissan

PDFF  Lead Free Mixed Technology   | By Arbel Nissan

PDFF  Lean and Green  | By Arbel Nissan


Outsourcing Issues


PDFF  Outsourcing RMA  |  By Arbel Nissan & Avi Reuveni

PDFF  Pricing Methods for Turn Key  |  By Yitzhak Nissan

Nistec Magazines

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Latest Nistec Magazines


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Nistec Sunday Training

Nistec, as a leading electronics manufacturing services provider, offers a wide range of technical training.

Our unique FREE training augments your internal capabilities, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and increase your effectiveness.
Nistec Sunday Training enhances your staff’s education process.
We have developed a training solutions tool set that provides you with faster time-to-value, increased productivity and lower overall costs.

Nistec Sunday Training – Topics:
• Aspects of Successful System Level Electrical Design
• DFA – Design for Assembly
• Halt & Hass – How to do it right?
• DFT – Design for Testability
• Reducing PCB Design Costs – from schematic capture to PCB layout
• Special Technologies in PCB fabrication

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“Hi, I would like to thank you for the excellent service that you gave in researching the failure and the malfunction of the circuit.”
Danny G.  December 24, 2015

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