Read what our satisfied customers say :

“”Dear Rinat, There is no doubt that the level of serve and quality at Eltek/the new Nistec is rising. I would like to thank through you all those involved in this process. Well done!!! Congratulations. Shimon ” ”

Shimon S. May 27, 2015


“Hi Ella Just an update – the board passed Valor and went into production. Thanks very much for your quick and professional work. Regards, Noam. ”

Noam S. December 28, 2014


“Thanks a lot Evgeny, It was a pleasure, the service, the quality and the highest level skill was wonderful. Special thanks to Avishay, he made a great job. Best Regards, Thomas F. ”

Thomas F. November 12, 2014


“Hi Evgeny , Shana tova and many thanks for the professional assistance NISTEC and you presonally had given me in this important project. I really appreciate it , Best regards , Arik.P ”

Arik P. September 24, 2014


“Greetings We wish to commend and thank the NISTEC team. Michel Schneider – for his professionalism and for finding such creative technology solutions for the assembly process. Olga and Hodaia – for caring and for the constant support in our work for the company. Nechama and Avi – from whom we received excellent and prompt service. And of course all your teams on the assembly line, in the warehouse and in testing. Thank you very much for your cooperation. Well done. Iris ”

Iris D. August 28, 2014


“Greetings Michael and Raphael, I wish to thank you for the efforts you’ve invested during the last two weeks of the quarterly in order to meet the delivery requirements we required, We appreciate it, and with your efforts we managed to provide what we committed to, for our customers and the Company’s management. Send our thanks to all the staff members, Pressure goes on and July is also going to be a highly labor-intensive and stressful month. We will, at the same time, begin to provide you with further activity from another contractor Our success depends on your performances So again, thank you! ”

Nir W. July 1, 2014


“Thank you. This has been a great experience working with you and Eltek.”

Shawn T. May 29, 2014


“I would like to express my great appreciation and thanks, on behalf of myself and Mobilicom, to Ms Ornit Peretz and to note her high professional conduct and desire to assist and promote our projects for which she is responsible. By her pleasant manner she inspires us with confidence that the utmost shall be done to receive the products on time and of the best quality. Well done for everything!! Respectfully and with appreciation, Haim ”

Haim Z. May 22, 2014


“Hi everybody, We are glade to inform you that two boards designed with Nistec (Generic LB and A390 Daughter Card) have been tested today in a real application. Everything worked well. Our appreciations to Nistec Team for your effort and dedication! ”

Vlad K. March 24, 2014


“Dear all, This is not the first time I have had occasion to express my admiration and praise for the service which I receive from your layout house. I work with quite a few contractors – packaging designers and manufacturers, simulation people, consultants and component assemblers. I have already worked with numerous layout designers and librarians. Such as: ECI, A.Y.S. Electronics Ltd, Oranit P.C.B.; Speed-Board, Avni Line Ltd, Mind-Board and Maagalim D.S. In your merit – Evgeny, Ella, Tanya and Alon, I receive from you the best service. I wish to commend Ella in particular for her seriousness, industry, diligence, initiative, attention to detail and of course expedition, without compromising on quality in the last circuits. I continue to receive calls from circuit editors asking me to resume working with them but I explain to all of them that you are the best editors and component librarians of them all. Continue to be No.1! ”

Moshe H. March 6, 2014


“I like to thank Nistec team – especially Svetlana – for the Vermentino P0 layout. You are all part of the great success! Although there wasn’t time for checking the layout, board has zero layout mistakes. Thanks again, ”

Tziony N. March 6, 2014


“I wish to thank Alon Bachar for the stupendous effort and countless hours which he invested in layout of the Golden Springs V3.0 project. His professionalism and attention to minor details, while sticking to the timetable and understanding our needs, are remarkable. Thank you very much. ”

Gil C. February 16, 2014


“I wanted to personally thank you and your team for your professional, businesslike and dedicated work. Despite the very brief period in which we have worked together, it was my impression that all your remarks were professional and correct and it was a pleasure for me to work with you and the members of your team. I shall be happy to continue working with you on future projects as well. ”

Itzhak G. February 6, 2014


“I like to thank you for your great support yesterday. Thanks for staying late at night in order to generate the production files for me (although it looks impossible due to the bugs we have inside our customer database). See you Sunday!”

Noam T. January 31, 2014


“Dear Wasfi, On behalf of our company, I wish to thank you and all the team for the wonderful work you do for us in general and during last month in particular. We appreciative your work very much, we wish you every success and look forward to continuing the fruitful cooperation between our two companies ”

Asaf C. January 2, 2014


“We appreciate all the efforts that you have done for us! Thanks a lot for your work! Looking forward for the fruitful cooperation! ”

Faina P. November 21, 2013


“I would like to mention Eithan Admorov, who due to his exceptional service which he gave us in the projects we had with you. We have received complex cards of very high quality, without any compromises, and this has been delivered on time according to schedule and often even providing more than just a good service. It goes without saying to mention his impeccable interpersonal relationship. Thanks. ”

Eli K. July 22, 2013


“I would like to thank Nistec Golan leadership by Rafi and Michael for their GREAT work, cooperation, commitment and loyalty to bring the project in super fast delivery. This project is one’s of our most important projects in our company during the last years, and without Nistec Golan we couldn’t success to meet our customers’ tight delivery request. Although the pressure we put, and unexpected HW changes we raised in the last minute, Michael and Rafi and their team continue to be committed as they are our employees with all it implies and continue to maintain a high quality of service and cooperated in the best possible manner. You have done a great work! ”

Guy H. July 17, 2013


“I would like to thank you and the entire team at NISTEC for the treatment and the respecting of the timetable, to deliver our order on time. Due to your contribution and the dedicated treatment, we have succeeded to achieve the project’s targets and to deliver to the client’s on time and by his full satisfaction. Please send my thanks to the team that had worked on the project: Amos, Shalom, Ephraim and the welders. And of course a special thanks to you who led this whole project with patience and fulfilled all the tasks and coped with the headache we had caused you 🙂 ”

Alon T. June 27, 2013


“I would like to thank you for the great support on our PCBA rework You and your team have shown us high professional level together with quick response – it was great to work with you!”

Sharon G. April 18, 2013


“I would like to thank you for sending Reuven on thursday , and to tell you that he performed extremely well besides the fact that he is extremely nice. I received excellent feedbacks from everyone that was in contact with him, and next time we have the same requirement ,we would appreciate it you send Reuven again.”

Zeev R. March 4, 2013


“I would like to express my appreciation and to commend the extraordinary service that I receive from you. First and foremost from Dgalit, working with her is very pleasant. Her reliability, speed of response and quality of work are remarkable. ”

Gal M. February 18, 2013


“Firstly, thank you very much for the merchandise which arrived yesterday evening. I was very happy to meet your courteous driver who delivered the merchandise exactly at the time promised. I hope that we will continue to work together in the same fashion.”

Irina K. February 12, 2013


“Like always you did a great job in our project, see attached the assembled board. So far it works perfectly and transfers video from unit to unit through the optics. Thanks a lot for your professional job! ”

Chen A. January 16, 2013


“I wanted to thank you for the time during which you managed our projects. In particular I would like to commend the high level of your service orientation, the professionalism and the willingness to make special efforts in order to meet the tight schedules and the special requirements of our company (and we have many such requirements) and overall the sense of concern for the projects and their importance – it is certainly praiseworthy! ”

Shahar L December 24, 2012


“Many thanks for your professional and patient work on this project! .Now it is the time for you to take some rest (i.e to work for other customers J) and we will shortly meet again to work on the PLM project. Hag Sameach and Shana-Tova ”

Sagie K. September 12, 2012


“I would like to thank you for your quick collaboration, which enabled both boards, MIA0201 and BIA0201, to be put together on schedule. Special thanks go to our designer, who agreed to stay longer in order to ensure that we deliver the two production files.”

Avner H. August 19, 2012


“I wanted to thank all those involved in our project. Thank you for being available and responding quickly and well. The cards you made were tested and are already on their way to an expo in France. ”

Tzachi L. June 10, 2012


“I would like to thank you, the Nistec Merkaz team and all those who helped promote the delivery. I would especially like to commend Mati and Poriya for their service and responsiveness, and for making us feel like they cared over the last few days. You have once again proven that you’re there for us. May we keep working well together, ”

Avi M. May 24, 2012


“I would like to express my gratitude for the good work provided in a short time. It was very important to us. I’d like to thank your entire team, and of course, many thanks to Eitan.”

Eli K. February 1, 2012


“I would like to take this opportunity, now that the TQM checkup has been completed successfully, to thank you personally for all your assistance and cooperation, as well as to your dedicated staff at Nistec Zafon. The current (first) TQM checkup was completed after two difficult and exhausting days of professional, high quality checkups on the Nistec Zafon production plant. Thank you and your team so much for your cooperation and assistance that have contributed greatly to the success of the checkup. May we continue to work well together, always improving our quality and achieving our business goals – and that goes for both us and Nistec. ”

Gidi S. February 1, 2012


“Following the completion of the first two assemblages and a third once the kit was done, I would like to express my gratitude for and appreciation of the way your highly professional team worked with us over the last month. During the course of January you managed to take us on as new customers, receive most of our components, and, at the same time, assemble two kits (three separate assemblages). The kits were assembled flawlessly, save for some minor glitches that probably stemmed from not being familiar with our needs and assemblages. The Nistec engineering and quality management staff was soon on top of the problems and made the required changes very quickly. A key player contributing to the success, in my opinion, is the project manager. He, without a doubt, promotes the activity while providing immediate responses. I hope we continue to work well together in the near future. ”

Yaniv A. January 30, 2012


“I want to thank to you and your team for their effort, commitment and great professional work on the Backplane, Switch, IOM and Personality boards that forwarded to production this week. Please convey this message to the team. ”

Chen A. January 24, 2012


“Working with your team was very fruitful and the job was done very professionally and very quickly. So far I got no remarks. Hopefully there will not be many. Thanks a lot and see you in future projects,”

Eyal L. January 18, 2012